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Fakultät Statistik
IWSM 2023


The deadline for poster short paper submission is April 7th, 2023 (extended!)

The deadline for oral short paper submission has been extended to March 7th, 2023 (expired).

Please submit via email.

Registration and payment (for at least one of the paper co-authors) are requested before submitting the final manuscript.

After an assessment, you will have the opportunity to revise your short paper.

Review step

The short paper and poster submission will be reviewed and note of acceptance will be sent back to the authors. At this stage, authors can update their abstract and allowed to submit their revised, 6-page version until 31st of May, 2023.

Instruction for authors

Your short paper should include the substantive problem, your data and your approach to solving it, along with the statistical models that have been used. Please also provide your main results and key references.

The short paper should be written in English. Please provide the title of the contribution, the name(s) of the author(s), the affiliation and an e-mail address in the short paper.

For detailed requirements for the submissions see below.

After having created your 4-page short paper with the provided  style files, you can submit the compiled pdf by sending it to the email address iwsm2023statistik.tu-dortmunddeFor the final (up to 6 page version), we will need a zip with all files necessary to compile your manuscript.

All the accepted short papers will be included in the online Workshop Proceedings (with regular ISBN).

Additionally, abstracts of each short papers will be printed and distributed at the conference. Please restrict your abstracts to 200 words. If you are unable to stick to this restriction in your short paper, prepare a shortened abstract for the conference handout and paste it the respective box in the registration tool.

Information for students

The Statistical Modelling Society (SMS) and International Workshop on  Statistical Modelling (IWSM) strongly encourage students to submit posters and papers. Therefore, some awards and some travel grants are provided. So the presenting author must specify whether he or she is a student to compete automatically for one of the students’ awards (to be announced). 

Requirements for the abstracts and information about copyright


Short papers, for both poster and oral presentation, must be written in English and must be prepared using the style file iwsm.sty and the template file templateIWSM2023.tex. The folder TEMPLATE_IWSM_2023.zip includes all the necessary files. Please do not use external .bib-files and follow the guidelines very strictly (see guidelinesIWSM2023.pdf) . Please do not alter or add any additional packages to these files.

To ensure proper evaluation, short papers should be approximately (but no more than) 4 pages for the initial submission. After acceptance they can be extended to 6 pages. Due to the fact that the proceedings are archived electronically (as PDF) on the Statistical Modelling Society webpage and the PDF will be also available from the conference webpage, we encourage authors to submit their figures in colors.

Posters should be prepared in format A0 and must be in portrait orientation. The A0 poster itself does not need to be submitted to us before, just bring it to the conference. However, as already stated above, also for poster presentation, respective short papers must be written in English and must be prepared using the style file iwsm.sty and the template file templateIWSM2023.tex.

Note that if you don't want to carry your poster during your trip to Dortmund, you can also send it to the Dorint hotel to the following address:

Dorint An den Westfalenhallen Dortmund
Lindemannstrasse 88
44137 Dortmund
Veranstaltung TU Dortmund VA ab dem 17.07.2023
z.Hd. [enter your own name here]

Legal Considerations

By submitting an short paper, authors agree to grant the organizers of the workshop the right to publish the contribute in the conference proceedings volume which is distributed at the workshop.

The material should not have been published elsewhere before the workshop. The workshop does not claim copyright and authors are free to publish the same material elsewhere after the workshop. Authors should ensure that publication in the conference proceedings does not conflict with the rights of third parties, nor violate non-disclosure agreements or copyright laws.